The life cycle of artificial grass

The recycling of artificial grass is a worldwide problem, especially as regards worn synthetic sports fields, which, most of the time, are stored or unloaded illegally in foreign countries without the certainty of a correct disposal. Royal Grass® has always been aware of the problem and willing to modify this "modus operandi".

In the Netherlands and Belgium, it is already possible to collect in order to recycle the synthetic so that it does not end up in landfills.
Royal Grass® is aware of the impact that worn material can have on the future of the environment and believes that everyone can and must do something for themselves and for the world around us.

Even decorative artificial grass must follow the same conscious and ecological process, a real mission for ourselves and the environment.

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Collection and recycling of synthetic grass: cooperation with Re-Match

Royal Grass® is organizing a collection and recycling service for worn synthetic grass at the customer, informed of the possibility of disposing of the product through the warranty registration system.
The synthetic grass collected will then be recycled by a specialized company, this company in charge is the Danish Re-Match.
The recycling of artificial grass is a technically difficult process since the blades of grass and the fabric to which the threads are attached are made of plastic while the bottom layer is generally made of lattex.
These different materials must therefore first be separated.
An expensive process for most recycling companies, many of which do not even have the necessary technical capacity.
The company with whom we have partnered, Re-Match, has developed and patented a valid technique to separate and recycle the different materials. On the occasion of the party organized by Royal Grass® for its fifteenth anniversary, partners representing the various nations were offered to participate in the synthetic grass recycling project,
i-Garden, the Italian distributor of Royal Grass, promptly signed the commitment!

Eco-Conscious synthetic grass lawns

"Be aware that you are part of a problem and become the solution", with these few simple words we can summarize the project.
We are aware of producing and installing plastic products which, if not recycled and reintroduced into the system correctly, can produce pollution.
Hence the decision by Royal Grass® to further improve the quality of its product range and extend the warranty to 15 years with the commitment to equip itself to develop a safe system for the collection and recycling of the material in order to avoid an incorrect disposal.
For the moment this is only possible in the Netherlands and Belgium, markets mature from this point of view, but in a few years this system will also be operating in Italy.
In the meantime, we have launched EcoSense ecological grass, both the blade of grass and the base are made of 100% plastic material in order to facilitate their future disposal.

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