Synthetic grass, comfort and technology in your garden.


Our synthetic lawn is different

i-Garden offers the revolutionary Royal Grass ® artificial grass.
Extremely realistic thanks to the latest technology, innovative, ecological, comfortable and decidedly enjoyable. This is the future of synthetic grass that can become the present for your garden!

Technology at the service of nature

The synthetic grass that we offer is inspired by the perfection of nature. The in 2005 patented V-Shape ® profile allows the blade of grass to be even more realistic thanks to a high elasticity, able to make it easily return into position even after having suffered a long lasting crushing.

In 2014 Royal Grass ® introduces the MiNT ® technology (Micro Nerve Technology): the blade of grass is enriched with longitudinal micro-ribs, invisible to the naked eye but which add to the elasticity a considerable reflex reduction.

In 2018 the revolutionary ReaDY ® (Realistic Directional Yarn) technology was introduced in order to make your synthetic lawn even more realistic by arranging the fibers in a chaotic and disordered manner without any conditioning deriving from the weaving.

"Now our garden is always in order, we must not waste hours to cut the grass and we don't have to spend a fortune to irrigate it."

Francesca, Milano

Why choose a synthetic grass lawn?

Maintenance of a synthetic lawn is reduced to a minimum. It is easy and quick to clean even in the presence of domestic animals and does not need to be cut and irrigated.

Royal Grass ® synthetic grass adapts perfectly to all weather conditions, is UV-resistant, does not fade and remains always perfect. Royal Grass ® guarantees color retention for 15 years.

All this makes it realistic! It is therefore difficult to notice the difference from a natural lawn. Ensures total usability in any season of the year and weather condition, eliminating annoying mud and insects.

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